Sensor Community Kit – harness cable mishap

The issue has been spotted again (Dec 2022).

We have introduced Sensor Community Kit with dedicated harness cable, aiming for better connectivity and simpler assembly. We were noticed by few customers that some of the cables are erroneous wired, leading to sensors/nodeMCU damage.

UPDATE/CLARIFICATION If You have already assembled kit and it is working – then You don’t have check anything. Wrong cable order results in not working kit in the best case, destroyed components in the less favorable option. So… If it is reporting data – no need to take any action.

We have checked cables in our stock and they seems to be OK, so probably it were only few of them. If You ordered kit and have not assembled yet, before You do check carefully if harness cable in Your kit has wires ordered in plugs as on following pictures:

If Your cable has different order, then please do not assembly kit, contact us, we will send You replacement cable. If You did assembly kit and have some parts damaged, contact us, we will replace damaged ones. Just reply for an email with order confirmation.

4 Replies to “Sensor Community Kit – harness cable mishap”

  1. Hello and thank you for this warning (I did receive it by mail too).

    I do have this kit, but I already assembled it long ago. It is working now.

    Do I understand correctly that because it works, then this means its cable is right, or do I have to dismount it to check anyhow?

    Thank you!

    1. Hello,
      I have updated blogpost to clarify that – if it is assembled and it is working, then no action is needed.

  2. I did not check the cables now. But since I installed the board, the sensor for temperature, humidity and pressure failed after a few days and shows just flat lines. after i briefly disconnected the board from power, the sensor worked again for some hours or days before it always fails again until I restart it again. Maybe the reason are this wrong wired cables?

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